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MBG Capital Partners was founded in 2002 and has grown to become one of Florida’s leading business groups (www.CapitolGainsFinance.Com). Subsequently, Capitol Gains Finance was created to manage all of the lending needs of Capitol Gains and it has developed into one of Florida’s top financing companies, receiving high marks and accolades from top lending institutions. When Capitol Gains Finance is working for you every facet of the lending process is addressed, attended to, and competed in the highest of standards. Since its inception, Capitol Gains Finance has made personalized service, hard work, and a detailed approach the backbone of our business model. In mortgage lending the smallest and seemingly insignificant details can often create the biggest and most problematic obstacles in the lending process. Capitol Gains Finance understands this, and our focus on details has helped us earn a great reputation of success.



Michael A. Diaz
CEO/Finance Specialist

Michael A. Diaz began his career in Real Estate & Finance in 1998 as a mortgage broker and loan processor. Mr. Diaz’s love and passion for the industry drove him to become a licensed Realtor, setting up the course for success before his 20th birthday. Through hard work & dedication he was quickly able to find that success. As a result, he progressed to the next phase in his career as a Wholesale Account Executive while continuing to service his retail clientele in order to gain a better perspective in the field of mortgage lending. In this role, Mr. Diaz began building a strong reputation as one of South Florida’s top mortgage professionals, quickly becoming a top producer in the industry. This also led to and opened the door for several opportunities to sharpen his skills as a realtor.

Utilizing his expertise in finance, Mr. Diaz, used his ability to assist buyers in finding homes best suited for their financial situation which paved the way to more closings and loyal customers who trust Mr. Diaz and his knowledge. His understanding of the industry and abilities allow him to analyze any situation and react quickly to provide responsive results. In 2003, Mr. Diaz decided to capitalize on his extensive mortgage experience and founded First Line Mortgage Corp. becoming its President and principal broker. With the assurance of Mr. Diaz’s skills in Real Estate & Finance in mind, customers have entrusted him with their homes and life savings.

Whether negotiating a Short Sale to prevent a foreclosure, a foreign national in need of property management, or an investor looking for the next opportunity, over the years, Mr. Diaz has engaged in the full spectrum of Real Estate & Finance. This participation led to the inception of Miami Brokers Group and MBG Capital Partners, a full-service, diversified, experienced Real Estate and Finance services provider.

Throughout his career of over a decade, Mr. Diaz has seen the good and the bad in the industry and has continued to conduct his business based on the firm principles of honesty and dedication to the customer that has proven to be his formula for success. Implementing these practices on a daily basis is the driving force behind every TEAM MBG member as exemplified and instituted by Michael A. Diaz. As a skilled communicator and leader, he has developed internal business practices by establishing a stable and productive working environment where experienced mortgage and real estate professionals are able to concentrate on their clientele’s needs, which is paramount to MBG’s continued success.